Product Design


I co-founded GAYPIN'' in January 2017, and I've been using it to spread the gay-agenda across the globe ever since. ( insert maniacal laugh here ) Really tho -- we've built an incredible community, we've helped raise funds for LGBTQ causes we care about and we've given people a little badge they can wear to remember that they are a part of a big community of people that love them for who they are.



My own online shop where you can buy items printed-to-order with one of my designs, or you can grab a bespoke one-of-a-kind, never replicated, original ( any other adjectives for unique ) hand-painted paintings & sculptures. My personal playground for whatever my brain wants to cook up. 



Yep. It's true. I'll design something for you or your brand in exchange for little green pieces of paper with dead guys on 'em. I just love a good dead old white guy. Send me a little love note,  if you want a quote for custom designs.